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MetaGear employs a staff of highly trained engineering and design professionals who enjoy working on many different types of projects and with a variety of people. Our staff holds advanced degrees in Computer Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Information Systems and Graphic Design from schools such as Carnegie Mellon, University of Maryland and The Art Institute of Los Angeles. Our business and software development experience comes from large international software and defense companies such as Hewlett Packard, Apple Computer, Dupont, Northrop-Grumman and Colorbus. We have current working relationships with several Fortune 500 companies like Ricoh and Xerox.

MetaGear can provide you with a full product development lifecycle including project management, product requirements/specifications, design/implementation, quality assurance and ongoing maintenance.

For products without fully defined requirements, we can leverage an iterative design approach by creating functional prototypes starting with basic user requirements. Our engineers will then use customer feedback to improve and refine the prototype accordingly, offering you flexibility of design, dynamic testing and higher user acceptance, with an ongoing cost analysis to assure a return on your investment.

We can build products for all major platforms using contemporary languages and programming environments (Visual Studio, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML, XML, SQL)

MetaGear will re-engineer existing software solutions from customer sites to reflect changing business environments. We can upgrade the performance of existing implementations using contemporary scalable systems and designs. To minimize impact on your day-to-day business, MetaGear can offer a variety of implementation solutions such as phased, parallel or an abrupt change process.

MetaGear can migrate existing systems to take advantage of new technologies that become available from third-party vendors. We have years of experience porting software to different operating systems and upgraded development environments. In all cases, our applications are tested in full, during and after implemetnation.

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